All Stars Magazine- Robert Pattinson interview- translation

Here’s the translation of the Robert Pattinson interview with All Stars Magazine.

Robert Pattinson:

– How fundamentally different is it for you to be shooting “The Twilight Saga” series comparing to other small-scaled projects?
– To be a part of low-budget projects, such as, like “Little Ashes” – about the painter Salvador Dali and the poet Federico Garcia Lorke, – I always stay on set. The actor doesn’t have doubles and you have much more freedom: you suggest yourself, as you see this or that episode, so you’re involved a lot in the preparation for the shooting the film. Which is, of course, very interesting. Besides that, I like to play real people. Otherwise, there isn’t much difference.

– Interesting, do you have fans from those movies?
– I do! Spanish fans recognize me even without that gorgeous mustage of Salvador Dali, just by looking at my eyes. (Laughs) To be serious, you can’t compare it with the Twilight fans.

– Are you nervous when you’re filming episodes “for mature audience”?
– Hmmm… I just thought of so many answers! (Laughs) Spanish people, for example, don’t experience any problems, filming nude. And the most shy ones are British people. And since I’m British… (Laughs) Shooting such scenes, I can’t remember later what I did. Like at that moment I blanked out or gone crazy.

– Would you be able to act on-stage, as it’s called “in your birthday suit”?
– Depends on the situation. But if that were to happen, I think, many would be disappointed… (Laughs)

– Are you used to the fame?
– When my friends are with me, all is normal. I’m one of them – not more than that. But when I come outside alone, I can’t overcome the inner pressure. So all the difference is, probably, I don’t go out much alone. During those moments I feel more vulnerable. Actually, if I had passion for chasing, everyone would realize it, right?

– Right. You don’t seem like a person who likes to be chased. How about a star fever?
– What star fever?! I still wonder how to get a good job. (Laughs) I don’t fell like a star: I didn’t have time to overthink my life, to look at it from the

side. Everyday something new happens. It’s like you step on the escalator at the metro, and it changes the direction, and then again, and takes you somewhere…

– So, no star fever? So you’re just a plain and shy guy?
– Actually, by nature I’m not so shy. However, when you cannot leave a hotel without being unnoticed, when your every move is taken in for the gossip posts, – even when you want to meet with your colleague and talk about the film, – you have to become very invisible. Strange feeling. Strange that you’re being watched.

– Are your “Twilight” colleagues familiar with such problem?
– Of course. When we were filming the first Twilight series, everything was much simpler. Then it wasn’t set that it would be such a success. And we could be out where we wanted, could have a dinner in the city. And now… (Sighs)

– Let’s change this sad topic. Your partner in the Twilight Saga Kristen Stewart recently played a punk-rocker Joan Jett. Which musician would you want to play?
– Van Morrison (known author and artist from North Ireland). But I doubt it that I’d have such role to play. (Laughs)

– Who did you want to be when you were young?
– All the boys dream of becoming army pilots or drive two-floor red bus, though I wanted to play piano in a bar. Imagined myself as an old singer with a glass of something invigorating, wise and tousled, thrumming on the piano keys. Can you imagine it?

– Very much! What if you didn’t become an actor – and an “old pepper”, who played piano in a bar, – who would you become then?
– Probably, political strategist. Or, maybe, image maker. Seriously! I’d start that with pleasure. It’s possible, that when my acting career ends, I’ll do exactly that.

– Finally, such question: Do you like Edward Cullen? And how similar are your personalities?
– He’s a good guy. About similarity – I don’t see anything similar. Unless some imperfections. I, as well, can be imperious, and sometimes – a loner.

Translated by Xenia from twilightreality

Source : Gossip Dance

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