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‘Twilight’ stars talk ‘Breaking Dawn’ at Sundance

As noted yesterday, a few stars of the Twilight series are at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah promoting their films – including Elizabeth Reaser (“Esme Cullen”) for Homework and Charlie Bewley (“Demetri”) for Like Crazy.

While at the event, both of them took time to speak to reporters about their on-going work on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Breaking Dawn is such a big big huge movie. Every time I show up on set I’m just blown away,” Reaser told PopSugar in the attached video interview (fast forward to the 1:25 mark). Reaser went on to discuss her opinion on Mackenzie Foy and Kristen Stewart in the film with MTV News as well (also attached):

“[Mackenzie’s] actually my vampire grandchild . . . this is far too quick. No, she’s wonderful. She lives across the hall from me in Baton Rouge, and she’s a wonderful, great actress. She never complains about anything, and she’s so professional. And she’s such a sweetheart . . . I think it was really well cast between [Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.] She could be their kid. You know? She looks like that.”

“[Kristen Stewart] scared me a little bit on Thursday, I’ll be honest with you. Cause you know when vampires are newborns, they’re stronger than any other vampires, and for a second there, I thought, this might not end well. She’s looking pretty pissed right now. It was great.”

Charlie Bewley, meanwhile, spoke to E! Online about the Breaking Dawn lovechild Renesmee, joking “I imagine if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had a kid it’d be like this grungy…awkward and shy kind of thing.” He later admitted that the real actress selected to portray the character, Foy, “[is] a little ball of energy that one.”

Photos of Reaser and Bewley at Sundance are also attached.

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‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’ miscellany

Adding to the other Breaking Dawn-related updates discussed earlier are these miscellaneous items of interest.

  • Breaking Dawn trailer #1 + MTV Movie Awards = Most Likely.

Apparently, there is at least one source which states that the trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 will be unveiled at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. While there is no available official response to this rumor, there are a couple of things to say about it.

For starters, we all remember that the trailer for New Moon was shown at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards (Eclipse‘s first trailer came out months before the 2010 show, since the film’s release date was so near to it). New Moon‘s release date was November 20th, and Breaking Dawn – Part 1‘s is November 18th. The 2009 MTV Movie Awards took place on May 31st, and the 2011 show will be on June 5th. As you can see, the timing is very similar. Similarly, with New Moon, filming had barely wrapped by the time the Movie Awards came along and there was still enough for a trailer. The source cited above states that there’ll only be Part 1 footage in said trailer. Since a great number of those scenes were done before the New Year, there may be similar availability enough to prepare a trailer for the movie. Not to mention, the Twilight series has historically been nominated for and received awards at this event .

So, while it’s still speculation, this is most likely going to be true. (Note that there’s a fan-made trailer for Breaking Dawn attached. It’s received 27+ million views. Wowza.)

  • Breaking Dawn panel + Comic-Con = Probable.

For both Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Summit Entertaiment held panels at the San Diego Comic Con for the year of release. With Eclipse, the same was not true – again, a product of being the only non-November release in the Saga – but there was a “special” Eclipse promotional convention in L.A. With Breaking Dawn – Part 1 returning the Saga to the November release schedule, there is a great possibility there would be use for a Breaking Dawn panel at Comic Con.

While it isn’t certain, this is certainly leaning toward the “probable” end of the spectrum.

  • Humans shooting in Baton Rouge = Definitely.

All throughout Breaking Dawn‘s production thus far, it has been assumed that the wolves and human castmembers would be necessary in Vancouver, British Columbia and not Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons. First of all, that’s what Alex Meraz indicated in October, and, earlier this month, Justin Chon tweeted along the same lines.

Here’s what he said then:

“well i guess im heading to vancouver sooner than i thought to shoot breaking dawn…like end of the month soon”

Now the story has changed up a bit. He and co-stars Michael Welch and Christian Serratos have been tweeting about filming Breaking Dawn in Baton Rouge.

Michael Welch: I’m off to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to work on a new film called Baking Nan.. wait, that’s not it- It’s called Raking Lawns.. No, hold on… BRRRRREEEAAAKKKIIIING DAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWNN!! Thanks for keeping us in there Melissa! I’ll see you all later. Thanks for playing. 🙂

Christian Serratos: Off to Baton Rouge.

Justin Chon: headin to new orleans right now…oyster po boys an gumbo here i come…oh yeah and breaking dawn

So they’re definitely filming in Baton Rouge – the reason why, however, is a separate issue . . .

  • Wedding in Arsenal Park = Maybe.

Some are speculating that the outdoor set seen before in Arsenal Park for Breaking Dawn is being used for part of the wedding scene – that this was not the original intention but that things have changed based on the sites available in Baton Rouge. This theory fits neatly with the sudden influx of human actors and it would also explain the need for an outdoor set (the reception, maybe).

It’s a wild guess, but this one gets a maybe.

As long as resident Baton Rougers keep up the effort to see what’s going on (see this report), there’s a chance we’ll know soon enough.

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Water for Elephants
Release Date: Apr. 22
Starring: Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon
What It’s About: A veterinary student joins a traveling circus as their animal vet after both of his parents are killed.
The Buzz: All eyes are on Pattinson as he takes on another major role outside of the ‘Twilight’ series; Oscar buzz has already begun.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1
Release Date: Nov. 18
Starring: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner
What It’s About: Love is in the air for our favorite couple, as Bella and Edward move one step closer to marriage and — spoilers! — babies.
The Buzz: Oscar-winning director Bill Condon is at the helm, which could add some high-brow prestige to this hugely successful blockbuster franchise.

Moviefone via h2Oforelephants via RPLife

Source: Robstenation


Still image of ‘Twilight’ star Taylor Lautner in ‘Abduction’ revealed

A new look at Taylor Lautner (“Jacob Black” in the Twilight series) in Abduction has been unveiled in this still image of him as “Nathan.” (Formerly, there was one released in November.)

The official synopsis for Abduction is as follows:

What would you do if you found your own picture on a missing persons website?  Teen Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) finds himself facing this very dilemma. Setting out to uncover his real identity, Nathan quickly learns his parents are far from who they say they are. When the police, government agents and shadowy figures start to pursue him, Nathan’s quest for the truth erupts into a full-blown “Bourne”-like man-on-the-run thriller.

The Los Angeles Times recently spotlighted the film for their 2011 Movie Preview, and it included a new bit of insight into the picture from its director, John Singleton.

“What I loved about the script is that this is the angst a lot of teenagers have — there’s always alienation, and the question of ‘Do I fit in with my parents?’ — but in this case it leads somewhere,” Singleton said

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Source : Twilight Examiner


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