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Still image of ‘Twilight’ star Taylor Lautner in ‘Abduction’ revealed

A new look at Taylor Lautner (“Jacob Black” in the Twilight series) in Abduction has been unveiled in this still image of him as “Nathan.” (Formerly, there was one released in November.)

The official synopsis for Abduction is as follows:

What would you do if you found your own picture on a missing persons website?  Teen Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) finds himself facing this very dilemma. Setting out to uncover his real identity, Nathan quickly learns his parents are far from who they say they are. When the police, government agents and shadowy figures start to pursue him, Nathan’s quest for the truth erupts into a full-blown “Bourne”-like man-on-the-run thriller.

The Los Angeles Times recently spotlighted the film for their 2011 Movie Preview, and it included a new bit of insight into the picture from its director, John Singleton.

“What I loved about the script is that this is the angst a lot of teenagers have — there’s always alienation, and the question of ‘Do I fit in with my parents?’ — but in this case it leads somewhere,” Singleton said

Continue reading on Examiner.com: Still image of ‘Twilight’ star Taylor Lautner in ‘Abduction’ revealed – National Twilight | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/twilight-in-national/first-still-image-of-twilight-star-taylor-lautner-abduction-revealed#ixzz1BOQmHX70

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Favorite Movie Actress: Kristen Stewart
Favorite On Screen Team – Kristen, Rob and Taylor
Favorite Movie: Eclipse
Favorite Drama Movie: Eclipse
Other results
Favorite Movie Actor:  Johnny Depp wins over Rob and Tay.
Favorite Movie Star Under 25: Zac Efron wins over Kristen and Rob.

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‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ and Kristen Stewart win big at People’s Choice

Tonight, the People’s Choice Awards took place in Los Angeles, California, and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse andKristen Stewart won big!

For starters, Kristen Stewart won the award for “Favorite Movie Actress.” When accepting her award, she issued a bit of a spoiler about filming progress for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. “It’s going really well,” she said. She also explained that she had been filming Breaking Dawn this very morning and that she had been busy portraying a vampire on-set. Interesting, right? Especially when compared to the latest Breaking Dawn cast tweets.

For the “Favorite Movie Actor” category, both Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner were nominated, but Johnny Depp took it home. The same was true for the “Favorite Movie Actor Under 25” category (Zac Efron won, but Kristen and Robert were nominated).

Answering an earlier question about whether the entire cast was on a tight squeeze time-wise by coming to the PCAs, Taylor Lautner told fans that “we flew in just for this.”  According to Robert Pattinson (when grilled by Queen Latifah), the flight was “very posh.”

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse won both the “Favorite Movie” and “Favorite Drama Movie” awards as well, and when accepting the award, Taylor Lautner said, “I can’t believe this. You guys are unreal,” to the fans. “You guys have gotten us here today and given us the opportunity to filmBreaking Dawn . . . We’re having so much fun.” AboutBreaking Dawn, Taylor Lautner assured the fans, “Mark my words, the best is yet to come.” The three also won “Favorite On-Screen Team.”

Photos of the cast at the PCAs are attached and will continue to be added as they come.

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October 15, 2010 – New Pics of Rob, Kristen, and Tay On Set

And Taylor
Caption: “Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as they arrive together on set to prep for their next film installment of the Twilight Saga: ‘Breaking Dawn’, which will be film on location in Baton Rouge, LA . The couple appear to be very much in love as they share a residence together in Louisiana during their stay.Actor Taylor Lautner also arrives this afternoon to begin the films preproduction.”

Aww Dean. I missed him. Welcome back.
(Dean is Rob’s bodyguard, in blue shirt,shades)

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Thanks pattinsonlife and Mandy for Tay’s pic

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‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ scores NextMovie awards


Taylor Lautner as ‘Jacob’ in ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’

Photo: Summit Ent., L.L.C.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Taylor Lautner (“Jacob Black”) have scored a few wins in NextMovie.com’s 2010 Summer Movie Awards.

NextMovie.com is a fairly new site associated with MTV.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse won the site’s “Best Tent Scene” award, beating out Sex And The City 2. The “tent scene,” of course, was one of the most anticipated moments in Eclipse.

Taylor Lautner was awarded the “Best Use of Abs” award (no joke) over Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince Of Persia.

True enough, the two categories seem tailor-made (ha) for Twilight, but still. At least fans didn’t have to blister our fingers to vote for ’em!

NextMovie.com also remarked on how Eclipse turned out as compared to predecessors Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon, saying “we were happy to report that ‘Eclipse’ was the best ‘Twilight’ movie by a landslide.” This seems to be a popular opinion, but there are certainly those who favor the others, too.

Source: Twilight Examiner

‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ stars among Glamour’s ‘Sexiest’

Taylor Lautner – Getty Images

Glamour Magazine has revealed its picks for “50 Sexiest Men,” and several of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s hunks are on the list. They are also in contention for the publication’s top choice as well, and you can vote at this link.

Xavier Samuel (“Riley Biers”) is number two on the list; Taylor Lautner (“Jacob Black”) is number three; Kellan Lutz (“Emmett Cullen”) is fifth; and Robert Pattinson is at number forty-six (note that these aren’t “ranks”).

Another on-going competition is also underway at Entertainment Weekly, and of the many, many choices initially proposed for “Sexiest Beast” in the “Movie Vampires and Werewolves” category (formerly including characters like “Louis de Pointe du Lac” (Brad Pitt) from Interview with the Vampire, “Selene” (Kate Beckinsale) from Underworld, “Satanico Pandemonium” (Salma Hayek) in From Dusk Till Dawn, “Blade” (Wesley Snipes) of Blade, “Emmett Cullen” (Kellan Lutz) from the Twilight Saga, “James” (Cam Gigandet) from Twilight, and “Remus Lupin” (David Thewlis) from the Harry Potter series, among others), the list has been whittled to that seemingly age old paradigm, “Edward Cullen” versus “Jacob Black.”

Right now, results give “Edward” the edge with 56% of the vote. You can weigh in with your pick at EW.

Source: Twilight Examiner