Still image of ‘Twilight’ star Taylor Lautner in ‘Abduction’ revealed

A new look at Taylor Lautner (“Jacob Black” in the Twilight series) in Abduction has been unveiled in this still image of him as “Nathan.” (Formerly, there was one released in November.)

The official synopsis for Abduction is as follows:

What would you do if you found your own picture on a missing persons website?  Teen Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) finds himself facing this very dilemma. Setting out to uncover his real identity, Nathan quickly learns his parents are far from who they say they are. When the police, government agents and shadowy figures start to pursue him, Nathan’s quest for the truth erupts into a full-blown “Bourne”-like man-on-the-run thriller.

The Los Angeles Times recently spotlighted the film for their 2011 Movie Preview, and it included a new bit of insight into the picture from its director, John Singleton.

“What I loved about the script is that this is the angst a lot of teenagers have — there’s always alienation, and the question of ‘Do I fit in with my parents?’ — but in this case it leads somewhere,” Singleton said

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Source : Twilight Examiner


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