‘Twilight’ producer Wyck Godfrey issues major ‘Breaking Dawn’ answers


Over the past year or so of talking about the various potentialities with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, we’ve come up with a lot of questions.

A sample:

Well, in an unprecedented and exceedingly informative interview with USA TodayTwilight producer Wyck Godfrey handles most of them in one fell swoop.

[If you’re not yet familiar with the name Wyck Godfrey, you should know that he is a bit of an answer man when it comes to the Twilight series. He’s been a hands-on producer of each film since the start, and most recently heappeared on one of the commentary tracks with Stephenie Meyer on the Eclipse DVD. He was also specifically thanked by Kristen Stewart on-stage during last night’s People’s Choice Awards.]

Addressing several important points regarding Breaking Dawn, Wyck Godfrey spoke to USA Today from the set ofBreaking Dawn. Here are some of the many details revealed in this interview.

  • The split:

“The first part will cover the wedding, the honeymoon and the birth.” The film ends just before she embarks on her supernatural transformation.

This is exactly what most fans have anticipated – which is a really good thing. Anytime actuality lines up with expectation, it’s a big win when it comes to this Saga.

  • Jacob’s Perspective:

“The story will break from her and follow Jacob throughout the course of the movie as he struggles with his own dilemma. There is a sense that as Bella and the Cullens (Edward’s makeshift vampire clan) deal with her pregnancy, the world is still turning outside with Jacob.”

When we talked about the must-have details fromBreaking Dawn, the issue of Jacob’s perspective came into play, though not quite as thoroughly as this promises.

Of course, the way that the book folds out, Jacob’s viewpoint becomes a central story in and of itself (one of the three parts, as you know, is solely devoted to his side of the story). So, it’s killing two birds with one stone, in a sense, to get a glance at what the character is experiencing during all of the turmoil associated with Renesmee’s birth – it offers lenity to the brutality of some of those moments and also ties in the book’s format of housing Jacob’s thoughts. Good choice, I think.

  • Honeymooning, Birthing, and staying PG-13:

“It would be a crime against our audience to go R-rated.” However, “this is based on a much more mature book. We need to progress and be more sophisticated.”

No doubt. Almost every discussion of the ratings issue to-date has ended with the agreement that, for audience/demographic’s sake, Breaking Dawn will need to be PG-13. Still, as Wyck Godfrey points out here, there are moments (the honeymoon, the birthing sequence, etc.) which tend toward the mature end of the rating spectrum . . . So, how is this going to be handled? (Hint: we’ve sort of heard this before – from Wyck Godfrey then too.)

“She is looking through the haze, experiencing pain and everything rushing around her. We only see what she sees.”

This is probably the most tasteful (and watchable) approach.

As for what gets Bella to the birthing table, Godfrey also addressed the issue of how a PG-13 rating will couple with the romantic moments in Breaking Dawn.

“It does not become soft porn. It is a legitimate and important part of the movie, romantic and sensual.”

So there you go.

You can and should go and check out the rest of USA Today’s interview with Godfrey for more details.

While Bill Condon covered Thanksgiving and Christmaswith his lovely set photographs, this interview must’ve been our New Years present. It certainly covers a lot of bases, and if I had known we’d have so many questions answered at once, it would’ve definitely become a part of the list ofmoments to look forward to in 2011.

So . . . after that influx of information, are you left with any further questions?

Source: Twilight Examiner



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