Jackie Zane (Lucinda) shares another amazing story from the ‘Water For Elephants’ set when she filmed with Jim Norton (Camel) and Rob (Jacob). Here are some excerpts. 

In between takes… “Robert patiently waits, taking a swig now and then from his Lipton Green Tea bottle. The next shot will be filmed and Robert glances around for a place to stash his drink. We hide it beneath the pillows on the couch so it will not be in the shot.”

“The break soon ended as they were ready to pick up some shots from the middle of the train (our car). So in between takes we chatted more with Rob and Jim. Jim gave us all a lesson in the alcohol known as Jake, which is something his character devoured. Rob talked about how he was up late the night before, up early for a press junket for Eclipse, and then accidentally arrived on set 4 hours early when he could have been sleeping! Nobody can accuse that man of not being a hard worker!! He was exhausted but you would never know it as he was always on point during the shoots and friendly in between takes.”

“Four hours, 36 herbal cigarettes, and 36 takes later we were released from the scene. We all staggered back to base camp to change.I stopped by the hair and make-up trailer to turn in my wig, when Rob walks in and gives me a look of shock. After working with this man for several days, he said to me “I didn’t know you were blonde!” We realized he had never seen me without my wig and both got a laugh out of it. It was a lovely end to a long night.”

Read the whole story at H20ForElephants via

Source: Robstenation

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