More Isle Esme Pics – The Bikini and Boardshorts/BB Pics

Kristen sexy smokin in white bikini – Rob in his boxers is -I iz dead!
Bella and Edward pics… might be from the waterfalls.
The lady at the back is thanking baby jesus, I swear…
Rob what are you looking at?
Chillin off cam… Rob’s hand resting on the robust butt…
Downtime pics.  Relaxin and chillin.
Kristen picking up their clothes.
Oh Rob
Oh Lordy Kristen…
Just checking…are we all ok? Breathe in – then out.. lol
All ocean pics are off-time… see Rob in his boxers…
News of the World “We’re told exclusively that the photographer who took those pictures camped out for two days in a wooded area. He reportedly avoided search dogs and 60 armed soldiers.” via

It has been reported that R/K are now at the VIP area (Rio’s airport) ready to leave Brazil.

More after the JUMP


Downtime photos.

source /pattinsonlife Some via KillerCortez

Source: Robstenation

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