‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’ Brazil filming updates


All eyes are on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil right now because The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 is currently being filmed there with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and filmmakersBill CondonWyck Godfrey, and Stephenie Meyer.

Today, the “boat scene” involving Pattinson and Stewart as newlyweds “Edward and Bella Cullen” was shot, and you can check out a video from production of that moment in the sidebar. As you can see in the video, the two met their stunt doubles – dressed in similar costumes – to ready the moment before actually getting into the boat and driving. (Note: Production Weekly announced that the filming dates for Breaking Dawn were from November 8th to April 22, 2011 . . . but today is November 7th, and filming is clearly underway.)

Sérgio Sá Leitão, whose Twitter page was instrumental in confirming that production would head to Brazil from the outset, issued fans a few updates on Twitter once again.

News from the front … Everything to be perfect on the set of Dawn. 300 + extras. Whimsical production. The river will be beautiful in the movie!

The director Bill Condon is on set! As you can see our plans worked out well! I feel that our efforts were not in vain! Congratulations to the fans! All quiet!

Before any of this happened, Pattinson and Stewartstepped onto the balcony of their hotel to wave a kind hello to awaiting fans. Also, Stephenie Meyer was out and about having lunch but definitely took time to have her photograph taken with fans in the area.

Fans who are not already fortunate enough to live near filming are apparently willing to pay those others whose windows do neighbor the set – as much as $30.00 a person, per FoForks.

Several fan photos from the set were posted onTwilight Exchange today, and you can check out some of them in the attached slideshow as well as atTwiFans.

They are also set to film a taxi sequence (most likely from the airport to the boat) in Lapa, according tosome reports. This has evidently caused a bit of slowdown for residents of the area, as reportssuggest traffic is slowed by some random fire as well as extras told to “go about their business in the scenes being shot and not to look at Rob and Kristen so that it just looks like a normal background with nothing unusual.” Meanwhile, doubles for Pattinson and Stewart have been seen “doing [a] screen test with a Mercedes,” per on-site Twitterers.

UPDATE: Robert Pattinson has now been spotted filming said street scene in Lapa. It appears they’re driving a silver car (perhaps the “Edward Volvo issue” has finally been settled?) for the scene, and another report from the area states: “They say that there is a different scene from the book. There is a traffic jam and the couple decide to leave the taxi and walk on the street.”

UPDATE 2More information about street filming has been unveiled, revealing the fact that the film studio has rented out some of the neighboring windows as well as compensating nearby bars for staying closed while filming takes place.

UPDATE 3: See here for updates from later on in the night.

Thanks: Twilight Lexicon (12)

Source: Twilight Examiner



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