More ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’ honeymoon filming in Brazil updates

A wealth of new updates from production of the honeymoon scenes from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn in Brazil have surfaced, so here is a round-up of the latest.

First of all, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewarttook flight, as expectedvia helicopter to Paraty, Brazil. As you can see from the attached video, the two faced quite a crowd on their way out.

Pattinson and Stewart were headed to Casa em Paraty (“House in Paraty”), a private rental vacation house which was independently confirmed as the shooting location for “Isle Esme” sequences. Photos of this venue are attached in the slideshow, from thehouse’s own website, so this should help to provide an idea of what the honeymoon spot will look like on-screen (note, however, that furniture changes are expected for the shoot). Beautiful, right? This location afforded production a great deal of privacy, which means, of course, that progress updates from that shoot are quite limited.

Pictured left is director Bill Condon at his press conference regarding filming yesterday. He sits alongside Sergio Sa Leitao (the RioFilme executive who has been sharing quite a few updates along the way), and Leitao issued the following updates from the press conference:

  • According to Bill Condon, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are enjoying the outpouring of fan love. He added that he was enjoying it too.
  • Due to the efforts of Rio Filme they realized that Rio is a very vibrant place, and they decided that the city would be used. They wanted to include the real authentic culture and flavor of Brazil that’s why they filmed in the Lapa section
  • They didn’t want to persay used the most known locations
  • Isle Esme will be filmed in Mamanguá in Paraty, on the southern coast of Rio, where the team moves today.
  • Wyck Godfrey stated that they were done filming in Rio proper
  • Sergio Sa Leitao, president of Rio Filme, added that the crew would be back to Rio just to make aerial images of the city.
  • They expect to be in Brazil for 10 days and shoot on 5 of them. Other days are for arrivals, departures, set ups, travel, etc.
  • The Isle Esme location is remote and under tight security all personnel working there have been instructed to leave all recording devices, cameras, smart photos, etc. at home or they will be confiscated. Anyone found taping illegally faces serious fines and/or prosecution

This invariably confirms the fact that the set was sealed tight for last night’s shoot.

ThanksHis Golden Eyes

Source: Twilight Examiner



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