Stephenie Meyer reveals the status of ‘The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide’

‘The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide’

Photo: Little, Brown Books

In another release from the Stephenie Meyer Eclipse fan junket, has gotten the details on progress of The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide – the guidebook which has been on most Twilight fans’ pre-order list for years by this point.

“[I]t’s continuing,” she said, “It just … it keeps evolving. So then we have to catch up … I don’t know. I hope that when it comes out, it’s amazing. Because it seems like a lot of effort has been put into it at this point. And it is kind of evolving, and ‘let’s do this, no let’s do this’. It’s going to have a lot of great information, and it’s really cool. I think my favorites are the genealogy charts for the Quileutes. They are beautiful….they’re lovely . . . So it’s my mission that this has everything correct. Which would be great. Hopefully, not forever… go on it, we’ll see. You know….movies interrupt things a lot. Movies are a time-sucker!”

You can listen to the audio and read the full transcript from the interview here.

As you might recall, the Bree Tanner Novella was originally intended to be a part of the Guide, but it was decidedly too long for inclusion in that work. The news of Bree Tanner‘s release seemed to indicate that the Guide was being worked on, and now that we know Stephenie Meyer’s intentions to finish it, there’ll be no doubt that the Guide will see the light of day! Still no word on the release date, but this is great news!

Source: Twilight examiner


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