New Pics! Rob visits Kristen on the Set of ‘On the Road’ Montreal- August 12, 2010

At last a photo of Kristen as Marylou. Beautiful! Love the hair!
And now the supportive boyfriend, also on set…

Untagged HQs

MQs via pattinsonlife/OTRFilm
UHQ via Setje of pattinsonlife

I will not, I repeat, I will not say ‘I told you so’ to nonbelievers. Their hate alone is killing them now. That is enough for them. This is Confirmation with an effing capital C.

This is a happy, happy day!

Kristen is working on set now with her boyfriend, Rob by her side. Affirmation!

Rob, love the epicness of ‘get off my dick’ shirt. Uhmm where did you jacket go? And yes, your belt, too?  teehee.

Source: Robstenation


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