‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ nudges back into the top ten at the box office

‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ – Summit Ent.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has been in U.S. theaters for well over a month now, but according to the latest numbers, it is still in the top ten at the box office.

Larry Richman at PRONetworks reports, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has moved back into the top 10 . . . This moves the film up from #13 to #10 behind The Other Guys.

Richman also points out that “at this point in its release history (after 41 days) New Moon had taken in $283,870,180. Eclipse is now at $293,491,146. Both films hit the $250M mark on the 16th day. The total domestic gross for New Moon was $296,623,634. Eclipse only needs about $3.13M to break that. It should happen by the end of the week. That would put the film within striking distance of the elusive $300M mark, which it may pass by the end of next weekend.”

Eclipse, the movie, is not the only thing hanging tough on the charts. According to Billboard‘s latest “200” chart, Eclipse‘s soundtrack is still in 26th place overall, and it is also number two in soundtracks.

No word yet on when The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s box office run will officially be over. Box Office Mojo’s “Twilight Tiff” feature indicates that Twilight and New Moon weren’t through with the box office until April (both had release dates of November) – around 19-21 weeks after initial release – and Eclipse has only been in theaters for six weeks. Of course, that factors in international dates as well, so it may not be applicable to U.S. theaters, but according to Fandango, tickets are still available in some locations well into next week (which is as far as can be seen through their advance ticket purchasing feature) at the very least.

Source: Twilight Examiner


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