Herby Moreau, a journalist from Montreal sent this twitpic, reported that Kristen and cast (most probably) are filming inside.

Lol at this update (I, too, can’t believe I’m posting a photo of a building) but this is better than nothing. Now at least we know that the cameras are actually rolling.

ItsFtastic says ” Herby is a reporter working for a TV station and writes for a magazine. He’s fully reliable, just so you know.” You can also follow them on twitter for updates. Let’s hope this Herby guy writes about this or report this on TV.

KStewAngel shared some new ‘On the Road’ character info- Viggo Mortensen and Amy Adams’, click here
Follow her for Kristen news and updates.

Like you guys I am also dying for a pic of Kristen as her character, Marylou.  Patience.

UPDATED with A fan encounter translated by TeamRobsten411 :
“Today I met Kristen Stewart randomly. I was on ——- street while she was smoking a cig on her only break of the day. We were only 3 girls and we got the chance to shake her hand and I passed my right hand in her hair and said  “m Hum.. Really nice your hair when curvy and blond.”  I talked to her for 3 minutes but I was the only person that met her out of the blum. the two other girls were waiting for her from 10 and it was nearly 3:45. I couldnt take a picture with her but at least i touched her hair! UNBELIEVEABLE”

Source: Robstenation


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