Rob’s Interview with Tele Poche Mag – France

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Robert Pattinson: “For three years, I hear incredible things about me ”

Exclusive Interview by Franck Ragaine Los Angeles

It’s in Beverly Hills, Robert Pattinson, short hair, looking relaxed and smiling, sometimes amused, gave us an appointment to talk about the film “Eclipse”, the third installment of “Twilight”, where he resumed role that made him a star.

Since you started, you compared to James Dean, it flatters you there?

I do not know … In fact, I decided to take it as a compliment. However, I know very well that we do not take the place of James Dean. And then, the world of cinema has changed so much, the stars of the caliber of James Dean or Marlon Brando are gone. At the time, their name alone enabled them to have control over a film. Today, it is no longer the case!

And do not fear you not to become Edward forever?

We will always compare me to someone if I understand correctly. In fact, I realize that the formula, “the wages of a player depends only on the success of his latest film,” is fair enough.

Being confined to the skin of this character scares you there?

In fact, the comparison fades over the films. The fans do not see me more in that light. Unlike the first part, they make the difference between my character and myself. In my early days, when I appeared in public for them, Edward was 100%. I read it in their eyes. Many lacked control and it petrified me. Everything has changed and today, during interviews, I am the most sincere and honest as possible. I am not Edward and I do know.

However, you also play with the media as when you said recently that Kristen Stewart (his partner in Twilight) was indeed pregnant …
The only time I say stupidly, is to avoid the bitterness that sometimes dump media. When I do not pretend to answer seriously,they can not attack me seriously either, this is a tactic!

In three years you have all read and hear about you?
Incredible stuff! I slept with so many people made so many pregnant girls … But after a while, the public no longer believes in and thinks that it’s anything. Fortunately!

Do you read your fan mail?
Sometimes. But I suspect that some letters do not arrive to me. I am surprised not to have received death threats (smile).

What is the most indecent proposal you have received from a fan?
I’ll keep it secret because it is so indecent that I think the one I made was not in his normal state.

And experience the most fun?
It recently. This happened during the filming of “Water for Elephants”, in which I partnered Reese Witherspoon. We had a scene with elephants. But there were so many paparazzi around us that it frightened the animals and it was impossible to turn. Suddenly, the fans, who waited for an autograph, have had enough and have surrounded the paparazzi. Little girls have leaked burly fellows. Unreal! I was delighted.

In “Eclipse”, you play as Edward for the third time. Do you afraid of repeating yourself?
Once you experience with the role, the more you can try out new products and take some risks. Do not be afraid to go on unfamiliar terrain. The problem with Edward is that he does not age, therefore, it does not facilitate the task. Because for a human being, getting older brings a myriad of possibilities.

Nevertheless, the relationship between him and Bella changed a bit in this third installment?
For the first two films, he had one concern, namely whether or not he wanted to live her life with her. Now he has decided to marry and, therefore, to accept life in a more human, it changes the data. He must face the world of the living more than that of almost immortal. This adds complexity, so it is more interesting to play.

With the wages that you earn, you are authorized you crazy like buying the car of your dreams?
No, not the passion for cars, I do not see the point of spending all my money in a fireball. Even the clothes, I do not care a bit, I always wear the same clothes. However, I am pleased by buying a few guitars.

Some of Rob’s answers sound new to me, or maybe its because of the translation, lol

Source: Robstenation


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