Rob is MTV Movie Awards First Ever Global Superstar!

Because of all the excitement last night, we forgot to really give Rob the time and space for this really awesome recognition. He truly deserved the title. He is still so humble and ‘adorkably’ clueless despite all the Twilight craziness and that is why he is so deserving of all the fans’ love and this award. With his massive acting talent and capacity to handle all that is handed to him, both highs and lows, Rob will surely be in this business for a long, long time.  Yes, we are seeing ‘legit’ acting awards and more box-office hits under his name in the future and I sure don’t need a crystal ball for that.

I am really happy for him and Kristen, whom I believe he shares this recognition with.

I again posted his acceptance speech and his after-show interview.

“It’s crazy, for it to have accelerated so quickly. I should have done a more coherent speech for the Global thing because I mean because its still just so ridiculous. I still don’t have any idea what’s going on. I just have to keep working so not explode. But I mean,I’m incredibly appreciative of every little piece that’s come together so I can be living this ridiculous life.”

Congratulations again Rob!

Source : Robstenation


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