Untagged Pics of Kristen and Taylor in Seoul

Thanks Linda/ ljmd of kstewartfans Head on their site for the motherload!

I love Kristen’s fashion all throughout their South Korea visit. Love the minis. Her hair looks awesome and that hair extension during the Fan Event was sexy to say the least. We all know a hot Brit boy would love to see her wearing that. Our leggy beauty is really a win during this promo. Tay is not bad himself, looking dapper in his suits. I’m happy to see they both enjoyed their very tiring promo duties. It’s only the start, phew! I love that Tay gets to be with with Kristen since Rob is too tied filming. He is like their little brother so don’t be too hard on him. He had been ‘protecting’ Rob and Kristen in his own way, too. We all know he knows lots. lol

I am a grownup and I understand. I would not give Rob hell for not doing overseas promos. Their current work commitments is the result of their hardwork after being a success in the first two Twi movies.  So I hope some people would just stop bitching about Rob ‘not caring’ about all these. Do you seriously think he would stay away from Kristen and doing the promo overseas if he is not doing anything at all?  If you do, you need to get out of here. STAT. And FYI, you cannot just halt a million-dollar production on a personal whim.  I am sure his management team thought about all the promo scheds and sorted it all out before boarding for ‘Water For Elephants’. They are professionals, people. Sad to say, their decisions are not always favorable to us fans. Again, being committed to a film project involves working on a tight schedule, for WFE, its 55 working days, give and take 2 months.

Yep, 2008 is a happier time. No or little filming conflicts, Rob and Kristen doing promos together…  The Twimovies made them bigger stars so we just have to deal with the present situation, ok?

Enough rants.  Sorry. Just enjoy the photos, enjoy the RobSten love.  I hate drama but I needed to say this.

Source : Robstenation


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