Smallville: SALVATION of a Hero


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Season 9, Episode 22

Review and Recap by Holli

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Written by Turi Meyer and Al Septien, the cliffhanger kings. Returning director: the fabulous Greg Beeman. Cameo appearances by Phil Morris, Michael Shanks, Alaina Huffman, Brittney Irvin, and Lee Thompson Young as JLA and JSA members.

This is the best finale since Season 4′s COMMENCEMENT, which Beeman also directed. We were left with several cliffhangers. And talk about mythic! Oy! I could kiss Geoff Johns at the moment, but more about that later.

RATING: MYTHIC INFAMY. A finale and an episode that will be viewed over and over during the long hot summer. Not to mention one of the best of the series. From teaser to fade out, we were held on the edge of our seats. Cheering, crying, laughing, and screaming (in the best way possible). Smallville’s Clark Kent has the heart of Superman! Now to get all the other accoutrements in Season 10. We’re kids in the back seat of the car on a road trip. “Are we there yet?”

Everything was amazing. Graphics, effects, score, acting, lighting. You name it. This looked like a film rather than a tv series on a stingy budget. A rollicking – WELL DONE, SMALLVILLE! To cast and crew!

This season has been so great. We have seen Clark Kent grow under Brian Peterson’s and Kelly Souders’ guidance. In this episode Clark knows who he is and so do we. His future looks very bright despite the ending. [wink]

Greg Beeman revealed on his blog that the opening scene wasn’t in the original script. Brian and Kelly had intended it for the opening of Season 10. But it works beautifully in this episode, it gives everyone hope including Clark. If that’s what they have in mind for season 10. BRING IT ON! Like now! Yea, can’t wait. This 4 month-plus hiatus is going to be a true lesson in patience. Again. That truly shows how much this finale has us chomping at the bit. You have our attention and loyalty, Smallville!

Some of my suspicions in HOSTAGE carried over into this episode. The Book of Rao that Clark was given was not the Kryptonian bible as Clark said in this episode, but he doesn’t know what it truly is. The markings on this ‘relic’ are all wrong. And considering the detail work this show does – it was no mistake. I believe it is a mother box. Perhaps Jor-El got his hands on Apokoliptic technology in some way and gave it to his son in case the Kandorians got powers. Big Daddy J thought the replicant project was an abomination and that sending them to a populated planet would only mean disaster for the sentient people there. If the mother box was for Clark then he would have control over it. This could be a reason why he had his futuristc vision since he was ‘napping’ in the loft near the object. And his mother managed to sneak in a box to him. (Another kind of mother box)

But let’s start with the actual episode:


Metropolis in the middle of a bright, sunny day. A banner plane is flying across the skyline announcing the Metropolis World’s Fair 2013. Daily Planet. Editor-In-Chief Perry White’s office. Lois Lane reminds him that she knew that 2012 (end of the world) was just another Y2K scare. “Not to fear, White, if there’s a scandal in the Pentagon, yours truly will be the one to find it.” See present continuity in the comics. Lois adjusts her glasses. She’s dressed for success (and Clark apparently has a librarian fetish). We see a big rock on her left hand. Yep, Lois Lane is married. [SMILE!] Dr. Fate was wrong. This is not Silver Age stuff. This is the Modern Age!. Yea! Bring it, Baby!

Lois has an assistant. He’s going through the list of her calls. Flowers from the Dali Lama and Clark is at the deli and wants to know if she wants pastrami or roast beef. “Clark would forget his head if it wasn’t connected with a necktie.” So Lois knows the secret (obviously) and is keeping Clark’s journalist persona as the forgetful guy who is constantly missing appointments, etc. (Well, he does have that other job.) The assistant hands her a copy of the Daily Planet and the headline reads, Lex Luthor Announces Run for Presidency. Which he did for the 2000 race in the comics. (The far right column talks about the 2nd meteor shower in Smallville, end of season 4, and the deaths of Genevieve and Jason Teague.  Homage to this episode’s director?) So Lex is ‘back from the dead.’ Cleanup on aisle, Season 8.

Lois is upset that she didn’t get the story. We hear a familiar zip as Lois looks at Clark’s desk. His glasses are there and his chair is spinning. Some guy comes running through the office screaming about how the news plane lost power and is heading for the Daily Planet. Lois heads for the stairs. (Are they ever going to get out of the basement?) She’s barking orders for Olsen! YAY! She wants him to get the picture. Announcer guy points upwards, “Look up in the sky!” (a Beeman contribution) Lois grins from ear to ear. Dr. Fate’s voice over as the camera careens up the side of the Daily Planet. “Your fate is utterly binding. You’ll lead this generation. . .” Louis’ score is very John Williams’ Superman. We see a flash of red go up past the spinning globe. “As Hawkman once lead ours.” A flash of a body dressed in red and blue goes across the screen.

In the reflection of the globe as the banner starts to cover it, we see the plane with Superman underneath it guiding it away from the Daily Planet building. In the blink of an eye there is the familiar red and yellow S. Clark ‘awakens’ on the loft couch and sits up, looking as if he’s been stuck by lightning. There is a black box with a black ribbon and a card sitting on the chest beside the couch. He picks up the card which says, Clark. He opens it. “If you choose to stay. Love Mom” He kneels down and opens the box lid. We hear the familiar notes that Donner said of Williams’ score. ‘It said Superman!’ In Clark’s eyes we see the S emblem on a blue background. SUPER SUIT. (as promised)


Damn! This isn’t the angsty tweeners Smallville anymore! I am just reveling in the opening. 2013 is not an election year. It is the deadline for Warner Brothers to get a big ole Superman film released. Chris Nolan will be producing and he said it would be a modern story and not an origins story. So the opening could be just a taste of what we’ll see. We here at OSCK feel that Season 10 will be a ramp up for the film if not an outright ‘prequel.’

We are not alone in this sentiment. Just before the finale aired on Friday, May14th, fans from all over the world on Twitter made #TomWellingisSuperman trend for about two hours. It was #3 worldwide and #1 in several international and American cities. Chrisluvstom, the mastermind behind the effort, rallied the troops and got the job done. Chris is a friend and we can’t thank her enough for her love of Tom Welling, Smallville and Superman.

Moving up to the big city, Baby! YEA, SMALLVILLE, not just a town, but a nickname.


Night time. Lois opens the door to the terrace of the Gargoyle Tower. This Blur has her going to new places apparently. She stuffs the note she received into her pocket. She sees a figure at the dark edge. “I thought you said we’d never talk again. I’m glad you broke radio silence, but why now?” She seems leery and mistrustful of this situation. She sees it’s Zod. “How can you be the Blur?” She saw him bleeding from the wound Chisolm gave him. He makes a quick zip behind her. Zod tells her his powers cured him. She questions him as to why Clark Kent’s FBI friend would be always saving her butt. “You were willing to risk your life to save me, Lois. You are my hero.” She counters. “MY hero told me to not to trust anyone who said he was The Blur.” She walks around him and starts to leave. “I know I did, but I had no one else to turn to. Lois, please!” First polite word he’s said to her. She doesn’t face him but she stops. Zod tells her he needs her help again and that someone is close to knowing his identity and destroying all his good work. “It’s Clark Kent.” Lois nearly laughs in his face. “Smallville? . . . Because Clark would never hurt anyone.” Zod says that even though she doubts it, it’s true. Clark told her to stay away from The Blur and took the Rao charm from her. “He knows what we mean to each other.” Lois admits that Clark has been jealous before. “But you’re wrong about him.” Zod tells her to investigate as is her nature. “But I guarantee you Clark Kent is not who he says he is.”

Day time. Watchtower. The blondes. Watchtower is fully functional. (was there a doubt?) and there’s still no sign of the Kandorians. Ollie is speaking via cam. Tons of Chloe speak. Ugh. But basically Zod won’t just vanish, he’s definitely your tyrant type. Ollie tells blondie he wants to be at the Watchtower with her when the war begins. She seems stunned by this. They’ve done it, right? She is one cold fish. So they need an excuse to be together (they’re talking in private). The Watchtower database is as good as any other excuse apparently. This is so awkward.

Clark zips in and blondie tells him everyone is out in the field and packing. “Kryptonite weapons?” (Ah, Clark’s first line of the episode.) Clark tells her that’s only going to stall them. And that they are no match for them even when they work together. It’s only a matter of time before Zod brings the world to it’s knees. He hands blondie the ‘Book of Rao’ and she’s all concerned how Martha got her hands on it or knew what it would do. “My Mom inherited the Kryptonian library when Lionel died. It is no surprise that Zod would lie. The Book of Rao is not a bible. It was created by Jor-El to send the Kandorians into another world. A world they could call their own.” blondie is excited with this information and wants to use it immediately. She hasn’t thought it through or analyzed the data she’s been given.

Clark can’t use it. “Once it’s activated, it sends all Kryptonians to the new world.” She realizes that means him, too. “I know my destiny and it’s here. I’ve seen it. Dr. Fate has seen it, too. And Jor-El has sent me on trials to prove it. I finally know who I am. And what I’m meant to do on Earth. I’m not leaving.” So blondie looks as if she’s smelled her own sauerkraut with cheese fart. She wonders if all this has been for Clark to make the ultimate sacrifice. Clark looks puzzled by this comment also. “Why would my father go silent in the Fortress?” He backs that up with if it was a trial, BDJ would be giving him a lecture. Can someone please shut blondie up? So according to her, Jor-El left him to take on this trial on his own. Are her and BDJ buds now? Since when? “Then it’s up to me! And I think there’s another way to save Zod.” blondie needs to stay in a Raid roach motel. The ‘authority’ on BDJ spouts out that Jor-El doesn’t want Clark to be the Earth’s guardian. Really? “Are you saying it’s selfish of me to stay here and save people?” Why does he talk to her? Shouldn’t he be makin with da love with Lois? So blondie then changes tactics and says she doesn’t want him to go – but he’s inspired HER team of heroes. (so his job is done? Move along nothing else to do here?) “And maybe your true purpose is to lead your own people.” (She’s related to Lois, right?) So her band of heroes are going to save the world under her leadership of course. Yea, right. Dream on, blondie.

The Fortress of Solitude. Evil black smokes trails Zod as he flies into the crystal structure. He’s yelling at Big Daddy. He’s going to make sure Jor-El never speaks to Clark again or tells him the secrets of Rao. “You’re not welcome here.” Tess appears. Apparently BDJ is in Miami or something because there’s no arctic winds blowing. Maybe he’s hoping the evil ones will destroy each other. Tess has the upper hand. “How did you get here?” She tells him she flew. Icarus mention by Zod. “Icarus was on an ego trip. But I have a higher calling. I was made to see the error of my ways. I’m here to redeem myself.” Zod grabs her and shoves her down. His people discovered she had the Book of Rao and hid it from Zod. Good girl. “I won’t forget that deception.” Tess tells him his forgiveness isn’t what she’s looking for. She pulls out some kryptonite knuckles. Luthorcorp must be mining that stuff. She beats the crap out of Zod. Go Tess! “I’ve seen the future. And you enslave this planet. And destroyed anyone who opposed you. Including Clark.” The Red Queen made her realize that she would not allow Zod to kill him. She makes a horrible mistake. She allows Zod to get too far away from her. He regains his strength. “You touched the sun when you freed me from the orb. You’re about to learn what it feels like to get burned.” He heat visions her. We hear her scream. Just like Icarus. Callum and Cassidy hit it out of the park!


FOS. Clark zips in wearing his civvies. “Jor-El!” Clark tells his AI daddy that he won’t save Zod. “Not if it means leaving everyone I promised to protect. And my destiny is here on Earth! If everything you trained me for was for another purpose then it was a waste. Because I’m staying. There must be some other way to stop Zod. Jor-El!” Clark sees that the crystal console has been destroyed. Zod appears and tells him that his father can’t help him anymore. “I made sure of that. My people have taken over this planet and you can’t stop me.” Clark tells him things don’t have to be like this. Zod argues strongly. “Might makes right! Only the strong survive! Have you learned nothing from the natural world that you love so much?” Clark stands his ground. “What I’ve learned is that no matter how much someone has hurt you or betrayed you or how much it seems someone is evil at their core. Everyone is worth saving.” Zod asks the ultimate question. “What exactly do you think that you’re saving me from?” Clark wastes no time. “From making another mistake like Faora.” Zod asks if Clark thinks there is redemption for what he did. “It’s never too late.” Zod asks how he would know. “Because I killed my own father. My Earth father warned me not to play God. Not to reach for power that’s not mine. But I tempted Fate and because of that, he died. You have to forgive yourself.” Clark says his entire team is equipped with kryptonite weapons. Guess blondie is out of a job. Zod sneers that’s hardly a match for his battalion. “Too many people will die. You need to end this now! You can’t win. I know my destiny.” Clark is really into that. Zod whisper back with a curved lip. “I know mine.” Then he flies off.

Clark barely has time to react. He sees blood and Tess’ body. He sees her extensive burns. He picks her up and zips off.

Daily Planet. Lois enters the bullpen. There’s an overnight package from Perry White in Nairobi, Kenya. She pulls out plane tickets. Going over to Clark’s desk, she sits down and types a search. The Blur. A listing of files appear. Amongst the topics are Blur, Jimmy and poems. Apparently Clark only created or modified files on the tenth of the month. More folders and files. A bill for a cellphone with two lines. An audio file of an eye witness. Bruno Mannheim’s arrest headline (by Lois Lane). Another headline. The Blur to the Rescue. How Lois Lane was saved. (IDOL) The Shadow Killer caught. Remember the kid that blondie was counseling who confessed to Doomday’s murders? The photo of Clark running through the fireball that gave his father a heart attack. J’onn at the railroad tracks in CHECKMATE. A picture of Zod. Lois lets out a deep sigh of confusion.

An old lady is knitting in the hallway of Met Gen. Goodness, Granny has almost a whole sweater done. Tess in the burn unit. Clark is there and he’s holding the Book of Rao. She apologizes to Clark for having Corben track his Fortress for her. “And I did it to save you from Zod.” He tells her he has the Book of Rao but he can’t use it because the console has been destroyed. “You don’t need the Fortress.” She tells him when the Kandorians were building the Rao tower they put together some crystals as an energy source. Even though Clark destroyed the tower, Tess collected the crystals and put them on the Gargoyle tower. “Clark, this is my last chance to atone for my sins. You are the only one who can save us. And you’ve run out of time. The war has already begun.”

Great architecture of the Earth. The Kandorians are setting everything ablaze with Zod symbols. Kandorian terrorists following Zod’s lead. Among them are Vala and Basqat.


Watchtower. Blondie says the military thinks the ‘attacks’ are a hoax. (Really? Could the military be involved too – see current comics) I bet Checkmate doesn’t. Ollie watches as each hero reports in. Stargirl from DC states that there has been no additional activity. No sign of the Kandorians. Black Canary in Athens reports the same. She should really be with Oliver! Hawkman in Giza found only mummies. He wants to strike first. Ollie starts the bromance foreplay. “No that’s the best way to win a bowling tournament, Tweetie.” He reminds them that they’re dealing with superpowered soldiers. “Mister Greenjeans has gone yellow.” Always love Hawkman. Blondie states that they are not going to take any action against Clark’s people until he is with them. Martian Manhunter concurs. Cyborg agrees with Hawkman.

There’s bickering amongst the ranks while the blondes look on. Yea, these guys are definitely going to

save the planet without leadership. Clark’s leadership. Speaking of which, Clark enters the room as Hawkman states he wants to cause some pain. “At what cost?” Wearing black jeans and black tee shirt (no S symbol). “Your abilities allow you to come back, Carter. After you die, but what about the others on both sides?” With a full on Superman attitude, he explains that the Kandorians have been led astray by Zod. “I don’t want to see them die anymore than I want to lose any one of you.” He’s going to use the Book of Rao to send them all away. He turns and looks at blondie and Ollie. “I’ve made my decision.” He turns his back and begins to walk away. “And once I lead my people to another world where I’ll never be able to come back.” His friends tell him that he is not alone and that he doesn’t have to go. With a tightening throat, he continues. “This is the only way to eliminate the threat. Without a war. A war that no one will win.” He tells them that once the Kandorians are gone that other threats will appear. “The world will need you.” They will have to work together to be the team they need to be. “I once believed that my destiny was here on Earth, but now you need to accept that destiny for me” They agree. “It has been my honor to serve along side each and every one of you.” Hawkman says the honor was theirs. They salute him.

Clark looks at blondie. He’s doing what she said he was meant to do. But being the psychotic she is, she tells him she’s proud of him and then runs away. Shades of blahna. He calls out to her and Oliver steps in front of him. “You have to let her go, Clark.” He tells Clark blondie is trying to be strong and that there’s no way to say goodbye to your BFF. Now the Green Arrow gets down to business. “That said, I think we both know there’s someone else you need to see one last time.” Clark knows exactly who he’s talking about. “Considering everything that Lois and I have been through, I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” Ollie cuts him off. “Clark! You owe her the truth.” Clark looks dead serious. “I want to open up to her more than anything, but why tell Lois who I really am only to rip it away from her? Wouldn’t that hurt her more? I wouldn’t do that to her.” Ollie can see he’s hurting. “Doesn’t mean you can’t say goodbye.” Clark looks at him like that’s the last thing he ever wants to do.

Gargoyle Tower. Zod over looking Metropolis as Basqat zips in. The soldier wants to know if he’s retrieved the Book of Rao. “Sir, if Kal-El still holds it. You said he would use it to kill us all.” Zod goes into a snit for his insubordination. “I will not fail. I will destroy the Book of Rao. Do you not have a mission to complete?” Basqat replies, “Kal-El’s comrades have been lured to your crests just as you ordered.” With the JSA and JLA dispersed around the world, Kal-El is alone in Metropolis. Their communications have been cut off. All their satellites have been destroyed. “And by dawn, we’ll have the Book of Rao and this planet will be ours.”


Watchtower. Day time. Blondie’s monitors are all snowy. She’s on a rant because all the heroes are sitting ducks. Ollie tries to calm her down. He tells her she’s not in it alone and that they’re a team. He grabs her. “Trust me.” She tells him thank you and that talking her off a ledge is not going to solve their technical problems. So much for living with people instead of with machines. So to get in her good graces he tells her he got her a satellite of her very own. Whatever. He has to turn on the transponders at the Earth station. Wherever that is. She gets out walkie talkies so not to draw attention to them. She tells Ollie to keep a low profile. He kisses her and makes a snarky remark about green leather.

Kent Farm. Daylight. Lois is in Clark’s trunk again, moving aside his varsity jacket. She finds a leather bound journal. She smiles. “How can a guy who kept a journal in high school ever hurt anyone?” Curious she opens it. It is Virgil Swann’s journal of the translation of Kryptonian. She begins to turn pages rapidly and obviously recognizes these symbols as being the same as the ones in Chisholm’s notes. (CONSPIRACY) “What?” She sees the drawing that Faora put there concerning the Book of Rao. Lois takes out her sketch and they match. “Lois?” says Clark off camera. He comes in hurriedly and somewhat out of breath. “I’ve been looking all over for you.” She sits on the trunk. “Funny, me too.” He climbs the remaining stairs. He can’t get the words out fast enough. “I have something that I need to tell you. And if I don’t tell you now . . . I never will. I.. I know that things have been rocky between us, but . . .” He looks down at her as if trying to use the right words. She rises from the trunk with a grin. “I’m listening.” He looks her straight in the eye as he crosses to her. “My whole life has been full of relationships that have ended too soon.” He pauses. She looks up at him as her nostrils flare. He then walks away from her. “And when I went away last fall,” he seems frustrated that he can’t express what he wants as he wants. “Lois, I felt so lost.” He then turns to her and watches her. “When I came back to the bullpen, you were there waiting for me.” He starts to circle her. She grins as he passes. “You jumped out of your seat. You threw your arms around me and the way that your eyes sparkled when you smiled, I just . . .” He lifts his arms slightly. “I knew. I just knew that you were the one that I’ve always needed. And I needed you to know that.” They are face to face and Lois realizes what he’s doing and she has some news for him. Clark sees her change in mood. “What is it?” Lois tells him. “Perry White. He’s offered me a job at the foreign desk in Kenya.” Clark takes it in and gulps as he walks away with his back to her. Lois watches him afraid of what he’s thinking. You can see the pain on his face, but then he realizes what he must do. He turns to her quickly and gives her a smile. “That’s great. Congratulations.” Lois seems puzzled by his change in demeanor now. “W-well I’m not sure I’m going!” Clark tries to get the words out. “Well, Lois your . . . Your career is so important to you. W-what would make you stay?” Lois looks puzzled. “For you! I would stay for you!” Clark gulps. Adamant, she presses on. “Clark, as important as my career is to me, You are more important. I would give up Africa to be with you.” These are the words he’s longed to hear from the woman he holds in his heart. “But only if we stop keeping secrets from each other.” She ends in a whisper.

Clark goes for the familiar. He goes for denial. “Lois, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She knows he’s lying. He doesn’t have a poker face. “Yea, you do, Clark.” She nods because the nonverbals are rapid firing between them. He keeps his face still and she breathlessly encourages him. “C’mon. I need you to be honest with me.” Lousy Liar says, “Lois, there’s nothing to tell you. I think you leaving Metropolis is the best thing for you right now.” He hugs her. She’s totally confused what or why he’s saying this stuff. He’s trying to keep it together. He blinks his eyes. “Just know that wherever you are, I’ll be watching over you.” Words he spoke to her when he said goodbye as the Blur in CHARADE. “I’ll be thinking of you.” He can’t look at her, it hurts so much. Lois has tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry.” She gives him a little grin. “I should go.” She grabs her bag and walks out of the loft. Clark watches his life leave.

Tess in the burn unit is going into cardiac arrest. While the medical team works on her, we see the old woman knitting. Granny Goodness! Geoff Johns had mentioned Apokolips in ABSOLUTE JUSTICE and someone said in the finale, comic fans would have a hint as to what would happen in Season 10. Also, Johns apparently pulled Peterson and Souders into a room and told them how they could incorporate Apokolips into their storylines. As we hear them defibrillating Tess, Granny calmly knits. “Time of death 3:33 pm.” Granny puts down her needles and walks towards Tess’ room. Tess’ corpse lies on the bed. Granny shuts the door.

YES! We’ll probably be seeing Tess Mercer in some form or another next season. They’ve made her mythic in some way. Perhaps a Female Fury? Granny Goodness’ dog was named Mercy! LOL

Watchtower at night. Ollie is crawling through the air vents of the satellite station. Why? He didn’t put the power box on a wall or something? Really? Anyways, he and blondie are trying to get him to target zero. “I hate small spaces.” After some date banter, Ollie connects the wires and the link is up. Looking at the station’s schematic, blondie sees Ollie is not alone. “There’s a whole swarm of them.” blondie tells him to get out of there now. Something is trying to punch its way in to get to Ollie. I love you’s are exchanged. Yea, before Clark and Lois. Talk about lightswitch! Truly sophomoric. “They’re not Kandorian!” blondie is alone and hunched over her computer.

Okay, I cheered when I heard that there was a swarm and they weren’t Kandorian. Paradaemons! Question is: Why are they after Ollie? Would his Zod tattoo have anything to do with it? Were they after him for turning on the satellite because it would expose their presence on Earth? Season 10 is going to be rockin!


Clark zips to the top of the Gargoyle tower. He rips away the concrete basin to reveal the crystal console Tess spoke of. He reaches into this pocket for the Book of Rao and it’s gone. “Lois.” He realizes what danger she’s in. Remember in PANDORA, it was Zod who took the Legion ring out of Lois’ front pocket. Man, Clarkie must have been upset if he couldn’t even feel Lois pick his pocket. His front jeans pocket. Maybe he did. LOL Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Lois has the relic in her hot little hands and we can clearly see the markings are not the same as those on the sketches from Faora, Perry and Lois. WE POP S (obviously kryptic) She hears someone coming and shoves it into her back pocket. Zod arrives and tells her he knew he could count on her. They approach each other. “Still can’t believe that you were right about Clark.” She does some snowing of her own. She tells him that just when she thinks he’s out of her life, he’s the one person she can believe it. (Obviously she’ll think that about Clark.) Zod tells her he can see her heartbreak. (Inside he’s doing the happy dance cause he’s drove a wedge between Kal-El and his woman. Just as he perceives Clark drove a wedge between him and Faora and his people.) Lois is clearly upset. She turns away from him. “It’s not broken. It’s shattered.” He says he knows how hard it is to find out the person she loves isn’t what she thinks they were. He puts his hand on her shoulder. “I will never deceive you like Clark did. Ever.” She puts her hand over his as she did in CHARADE and she knows it is not the Blur’s hand. “Now I need the Book of Rao.” She turns to face him and tells him she hid it because she thought Clark might follow her. “Then where is it?” She tells him she hid it where she confessed to him that he was the most important person in her life. Zod doesn’t want to play games. “You’re not really him.” She walks away and he zips in front of her. “I should have known better than to deceive the Blur’s most devoted follower.” Lois has had enough of this, too. “Just who the hell are you?” His mask is off. “Unlike the Blur, I’m somebody who doesn’t care if you live or die.” He grabs Lois and tosses her across the street. She hits a stand of red tulips and is headed for THE phone booth.

Before Zod can lower his arms, Clark appears dressed as the Blur and punches Zod across Metropolis. IT IS GLORIOUS! Very much a ‘don’t mess with my woman’ moment. GO CLARKIE! He doesn’t even look to see where Zod has gone. His eyes are on Lois and her current dilemma. He grabs her just as her elbow shatters the glass. She’s unconscious as he gently lays her on the street amongst the flowers. He softly touches her shoulder to see if she’s all right. She begins to awaken. (Red tulips are significant because they were the flower Martha Kent wanted on the day of the first meteor shower. They were in the truck with her and Jonathan when Clark found them. Obviously this scene is a milestone in this story.)

Lois turns and sees the Blur standing in a dark alley. She cannot see his face. Only the S symbol is recognizable. He is silent. She approaches him slowly. “Can you ever forgive me for thinking he was you?” When she gets nearer, she turns her head away from him. “Please say something.” She turns completely around and hands him the Book of Rao over her shoulder. She intends to allow him to keep his identity secret. “Anything.” Clark grabs her hand and the BoR. Lois closes her eyes as he swings her around and into this arms. She keeps her eyes closed as he kisses her. And kiss her, he does. It will be the last time he will ever kiss her. It is a wordless goodbye. When he finally breaks it off with a tender last kiss, there is a tear trail on his cheek. Lois still has her eyes closed. Clark zips away. She is breathless and overwhelmed. She walks to the street with realization all over her face. She lets out a sigh. “Clark!” She smiles with the knowledge of who he truly is.

Sidenote: Lois knows because she knew she was not kissing her then-boyfriend, Oliver, in a dark alley in HYDRO. It was the guy who could teach Ollie a thing or two about kissing. In CRIMSON, she knew it was Clark she kissed in the alley (before she lost her memory). And Lois apologizes to the Blur for thinking Zod was him. Unlike blahna who schtooped Bizarro and basically told Clark he was a better lay than him. Lois Lane knowing the secret does not rid Clark of the act of telling her. Let’s hope he does it soon in season 10 so we can get on with the makin of da love!

Gargoyle tower. Clark arrives with the mother box, er, BoR. And then Zod arrives from his trip across town. “You can’t stop me, Zod. We’re leaving this planet.” Zod tells him he’s not going anywhere and neither are the rest of his battalion. Multiple Kandorians appear including Vala and Basqat. They surround Clark. “Having others finish a fight that you started only proves what a coward you are.” Go Clarkie! Zod claims he’s never wavered in the face of death. He accuses Clark of hiding in the shadows. “You’ve hidden, too. The truth! From them! The Book of Rao will not destroy us. It will lead us to a better place. (He really doesn’t know that.) Another planet where we can live in peace. (He still doesn’t know that either.) We can build a new home. Krypton will live again.” Zod tells them Clark is deceiving them again. “What about your deceptions? If they knew the truth they’d never follow you.” Zod sneers his men willingly follow him. Clark looks at Vala. “What about Faora? All she wanted was to leave you.” Zod yells that’s a lie. “And she paid for it with her life.” Zod says that Faora should have never trusted Clark. “But she wasn’t the only one to pay the price, was she?” Zod grabs Clark by the lapels for that one. In his ear he whispers, “Faora was a traitor. Do you think I wanted to kill my own child?” Not a smart thing to do with a bunch of superhearing Kandorians around. Clark looks away as he sees the others react to Zod’s confession. Zod sees it, too. He’s busted. He lets Clark go.

To Vala, Zod tells her Faora was a traitor. She rips off her armband. “She would have betrayed us all.” Basqat rips his away. The sound of ripping armbands as Zod realizes the jig is up. Vala goes after Zod but Basqat holds her back. “We’ll deal with him once we are on our own soil.” Clark sees that these people have justice. “Kal-El, take us home,” says Vala. (Don’t get your hopes up, honey) Clark walks towards the console staring at the BoR. He tosses it and it neatly fits and produces light. Lightbeams shoot up into the sky. Looks like a boom tube to me. One by one the Kandorians are taken up. And then there’s lightning and rain as the light hits Clark’s face, but he’s not going anywhere.

Zod releases the sheath from a blue kryptonite blade. The light leaves Clark alone with Zod. “Blue kryptonite.” Zod yells in the pouring rain. “I told you. I’m not going anywhere.” Clark zips over and grabs his weaponed hand. “You knew blue kryptonite would keep you from ascending like the others.” The villain gives his philosophy. “Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven.” He slashes Clark across his S symbol making a huge gash in his chest. Blood splatters with the rain drops. Zod takes another swipe at him and this time hits his wrist. Farm boy takes off his coat and uses as protection around his arm. Zod taunts him with fighting like a human. They struggle and Clark finally throws him to the ground holding onto the arm with the dagger. It falls to the ground. Zod kicks Clark. Zod reaches for a brick while Clark reaches for the dagger. He doesn’t make it. Zod hits him with the cement block. And then Clark grabs a hold of Zod and SUPER PUNCHES him into the air. He falls flat on his back on the tower roof. Soldier versus farm boy. Zod punches Clark’s face. Blood spews from his mouth. Then he kicks Clark through a window. (It’s always about the glass on this show.)

Zod has the dagger and leaps at Clark. He stabs the floor because Clark has rolled away. They are arms length apart and the dagger is between them just inches from Clark’s torso. “Unlike you, I will lead from the throne, not from the shadows.” They are struggling as Zod backs Clark on top of the gargoyle. “Every human, including the woman you love, will kneel before Zod! Clark has two hands on Zod’s armed one. Clark sees he’s running out of gargoyle before he falls to his death. “You already destroyed my first home. I won’t let you take this one.” Clark releases his hand as the dagger goes into his gut. Blue kryptonite has found a home.

Welling must have done his homework because you believe that knife is in there tearing him apart. Zod grins. He’s succeeded in killing Kal-El. Clark looks at him as if he’s expecting something and then he falls from the slippery gargoyle’s head. With arms outspread and the same slice on his cheek he had in PANDORA, Clark begins to his descent. The light turns on Zod. He looks up to see that he will be taken up also. He looks at Kal-El, who has a smirk on his face. Clark has succeeded. He’s paying the ultimate sacrifice so all can live. Zod will go to another plane of existence to be judged by the Kandorians and the Earth will be at peace.

Zod goes up in a beam of light screaming. Clark falls with the blue kryptonite dagger in his stomach looking very much like he did in the PILOT when he was scarecrow’d.  Fade to black.

It is the neverending story.

Standing ovation, Smallville!

Would love for this show to go totally mythos and not have any sideline or sidekick storylines. Concentrate on your hero and his lady and a great villain. Looks like Smallville is not so small anymore. He’s going to be kicking ass in Metropolis!

Sadly next season will be the last for Smallville. But it is sure to be AMAZING. If they show us the story of how Clark and Lois get to that scene in 2013. STELLAR SEASON. Also, look for Darkseid or Boss Dark Side clues.

This week are the upfronts for the CW. Tom Welling is sure to be there for Hellcats, his new show from his production company.

Smallville cast and crew should be back at work by next month.

Also in July, Comic Con in San Diego. A bunch of us from OSCK, Superverses and Multipleverses as well as friends from Divine Intervention will be attending. Can’t wait to see the Smallville panel this year.

Source : OSCK


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