My Blitz Maio 2010 – Eclipse of Passions

Vampires,werewolves, firefly passions, enemies with fire hair , romance, Eclipse has arrive.

After Twilight and New Moon , there is the third movie of Twilight Saga writen by Stephenie Meyer. Has for title Eclipse and it will certainly, spread sights all around the world because it’s more romantic that the previous movies. With reveling much more , in order for you to appreciate at the most the movie, we can say that there is vengeance, desire , doubt and lots of passion on Eclipse, with Bella, Edward and Jacob on the whirl of palpitate hearts and vampires and werewolves at the edge of a confrontation. The premiere of Eclipse marks the begging of a hot summer , with it’s arrival at the Portuguese cinemas on the  1st of July. Meanwhile, there are great news on the twilight universe:

Stephenie Meyer , the author of the Twilight Saga will launch in the USA a new book simultaneous with the movie . Has for title The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and counts the story of the vampire it will torment Bella and Edward. It’s a parallel story to the saga and it will arrive shortly here for sure. Meanwhile, the forth book of the series, Breaking Down will start to be adopted to cinema next autumn. It’s a very complex production because of the size of the book ( 754 pages ,it will render two movies!) and the story includes very extraordinary characters, that will be hard to put on the screen .  The sights will be heard still for a long time . There will be girls dreaming about boyfriends like this – truly amazing. You can count the days that are missing.

” The friendship of Jacob can be something more”

” The passion between a vampire and a human can be possible”

” The new movie brings lots of emotions”

” The button of passion will be rotated on the maximum”

” The water was so could they didn’t take of the clothes ”

” Robert  Pattinson it’s boy with lots of talents: it’s a musician, actor and has a perfect face and body for Edward Cullen, the most romantic vampire of the world”


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