Exclusive: New ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ poster reveals the ‘Wolfpack’

‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ – Summit Ent.

Tonight, the newest banner for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has been revealed here (an exclusive, shared with BellaandEdward.com, Twilight Series Theories, and Team Twilight).

In the poster, Alex Meraz (“Paul”), Kiowa Gordon (“Embry Call”), Taylor Lautner (“Jacob Black”), Chaske Spencer (“Sam Uley”), Bronson Pelletier (“Jared”), Tyson Houseman (“Quil Ateara”), and Julia Jones (“Leah Clearwater”) all look stone-faced at the viewer, seemingly housing a shared secret (a gift of the wolves). As far as sizing goes for these characters, it’s (of course) “Jacob” that takes the spotlight, and “Leah” is second in prominence, followed by “Paul.”

Source : Twilight Examiner


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