Details from The Oprah Show– Tweets

Tweets from the Oprah tap­ing this morn­ing in Chicago with Rob, Kris­ten, Dakota and Tay­lor. The show will air on May 13th

Spoil­ers after the jump!

–Oprah asked about them, Rob joked and said Kris is preg­nant! LOL
–Then Kris said Rob’s hav­ing the baby.
–seat­ing, Rob, Kris. Tay. Dakota came out and Tay switched with Kris so besties could sit by each other. It’s rain­ing.
–They just let a sil­ver volvo into the garage. Now it’s sunny and hot, per­fect weather for some sparkly vamps.
–All’s I got to say, no won­der they can’t roll down their win­dows! Peo­ple rushed the suv’s when they came out and started bang­ing on them!

–OMG the Oprah show was sooo awe­some!!! The cast were amaz­ing! Sat front row & got to shake Rob & Taylor’s hands!!! Ahhhh love them!
–He had on blue jeans & a redish kinda but­ton down if I remem­ber cor­rect. Lot going on lol
–Did they men­tion Rob’s birth­day?? <~ Not dur­ing tap­ing but before the show started.
–and what did they say about Rob’s B-day??? <~just that the show is air­ing on his b-day
–About the Sat­ur­day night ques­tion: they all pretty much said they are usu­ally home b/c no one calls them…hah

–Just got out of Oprah. It was awe­some and funny.Waiting out­side. We got a cer­tifi­cate to to get Bella’s ring.
–Cars keep com­ing out and in. But Rob, Kristin, Tay­lor, and Dakota are doing a radio thing in the stu­dio right now, I heard.
–Appar­ently he wore red t-shirt. Sorry, I was too busy look­ing at his gror­geous face.
–My mom’s say­ing it was a deep red plaid

–Omg i cant even believe i saw rob tay­lor and kstew in the fuck­ing flesh. Beau­ti­ful peo­ple.
–Sad news, no pic­tures ): i DID lock eyes with rob tho. He smiled.…… Dead.

–OMG!!! The Oprah show was awe­some!! Sat front row, balled when they came out, and Rob and Tay­lor shook my hand!!!! I love @Twilight!!!! :-D
–Rob was wear­ing a brown but­ton down w/ the sleeves rolled up, dark jeans, and black and white adi­das sneak­ers.
–at first, Oprah, Rob, Kris­ten, Tay­lor. When Dakota came out, oprah, rob, Tay­lor, Kris­ten, Dakota.
–she flat out asked them. Rob said Kris­ten was actu­ally preg­nant, but then Kris­ten said he would be hav­ing the baby.
–before Dakota came out, they were. Kris moved by her b/c they’re good friends.
–Ques­tions Asked: what do u do on a sat­ur­day night, do u feel type­cast, why’d u take on the role, etc.
–I guess when they talked about the Twi­light audi­tion. The was other smil­ing and laugh­ing through­out the inter­view though.
–yeah, they talked about their friend­ship.
–not a full clip that’s all new, but u’ll see new stuff inter­spersed b/w the old stuff.

–Ahahhaaaaaaaaaaaa.….just got out of Oprah taping!everyone was HOTT!!!! *swoon* *singing* I’m in heaven! Lol
–I was less than 10ft from Rob & cast ladies! No I have no pics as cam­eras & phones were not allowed. I’m still on cloud 900
–Oh and there was no time for ques­tions so no audi­ence ques­tions were asked.
–Sooo…Oprah did ask the ulti­mate ques­tion R Rob & Kris­ten together. Rob deflected –w/a joke. R: “Kris­ten is preg­nant.” K:“he likes to shock ppl.” O:“oh..*laughs” K:“unless u want it to be u” O:“ok! I wouldn’t mind!” Every1 laughed

–Just got outta Oprah. Omg. My face was on RPattz cars win­dow when he was leav­ing the stu­dio. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.
-#Oprah: I was there. Robs havin Kris­tens baby, Tay­lor likes dorky girls (yes!), Tay­lor & Rob say they have no friends, my face + rpattz car.

–Hey Peeps just came for the Oprah Show it was great. Rob and KS looked amaz­ing Rob so adorable KS was so nervous

–Rob kris and tay all left at the same time! dif­fer­ent cars! got a good view of tay­lor! was one whn­dow pane seper­at­ing us!

–Soo that was AMAZING! Rob was SO funny! Dakota fan­ning was also there. Wow that did not just hap­pen.
–Rob was hilar­i­ous in the video they showed of him going to ran­dom peo­ples houses lol! He’s like “should I just break in?”

No men­tion of Rob’s birth­day dur­ing taping

From hard­estx­heart


last night, rob was out in naperville ~~ a sub­urb of chicago ~~ and went to three dif­fer­ent houses and knocked on these girl’s doors to sur­prise them.… IDK IDK appar­ently they showed this footage dur­ing the show, this is what i heard.

via RPLife

Source : Thinking of Rob


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