Details from OLTV on Scene Shot Wednesday Between Taylor & Kristen

What scene was Taylor and Kristen filming this past Wednesday? Christine Kilpatrick (OLTV) gives us deets on the Eclipse re-shoot:

Before anyone gets all excited about me giving away the whole movie, I have a tiny little bit of
information. I am a visual journalist. That means I take photographs, report news, investigate, dig, ask questions, research and look for tips and leads. I don’t plagiarize, or jock off other people’s websites. I like to find out for myself. Yes i went to school to do this, yes I work hard at it, yes I freelance.

The information I received was from someone who was on set on Wednesday with Kristen and Taylor. I was going to describe the set and the scene as it was told to me but there has been a photo released and if I talk about the set, I would be accused of stealing “Intel” which wouldn’t be
the case at all.

This person told me that Taylor and Kristen were re-working a scene at the water front which is in La Push. Bella is very upset with Jacob and they share a very emotional scene. There was a lot of dialog and Bella smacks or punches Jacob out of frustration. They worked on this scene for quite awhile and did some other scenes that took place at the water front in La Push. We saw this location in ‘New Moon’. It is at the end of Quarry Road on private property in Port Coquitlam. You can’t see it because the gate is locked and it is private property.

My source said they had to contend with the ever shifting weather, sunny, cloudy, rainy, sunny and it went on and on. Then this helicopter shows up and ruins the scene with noise and distraction. The production had to stop filming while this “moron” hovered around the set and was seen taking pictures.


Source : TwiORdiE’s blog


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