Eclipse Book Recap: Chapter 6 “Switzerland”

SPOILER ALERT! Dont watch if you havent read the books.

Chapter 6 Switzerland:

As Bella drives home, her mind is racing with all of the newfound info told by Jacob when a Volvo jets behind her, so she opts to head over to Angelas house. Remember that she kinda promised to help getting the graduation announcements sent to family friends and stuff. Talk about a fun hangout session, right?? Angela breaks the silence, asking about Edward, even adding that something seems wrong with Bella. Interestingly, Bella chooses to actually open up a bit, saying that Edwards mad at her for being friends with Jacob Black Angela tells her that it totally IS about jealousy. I think its pretty funny how Angela says Hes only human about Edward just before changing the subject to college chat. Its nice to see the two get along so well, opening up and laughing. Bella helps with everything possible because shes afraid to leave and talk with Edward


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