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Taylor The Disastrous Trip

He landed so close that we decided to go and meet him. Unfortunately not everything turns out as we expected.

On Friday, 9th of April we arrived on Madrid, for a very special meeting with Taylor Lautner. The actor was on the town to elect on more European ambassador and we were so close of the Spanish capital, we decided to witness the visit. “I was so happy to be back to Spain and see the fans again that support me so much “, he told days before the journey.

He barely knew (and us) that things wouldn’t turn so right. It all begins at 7pm, near the door of the Teatriz restaurant, place where the most expected event took place. The crowd of fans was so big that we lost the sigh of it and nerves were at the peak. They took posters of the werewolf, gentle messages and all most part of them where with photo cameras ready.

On end of the day (the waiting last until 8pm), when Taylor was preparing to make his big entrance … “Where was he? Someone advises the actor to avoid the photocall and to enter by the backdoor “in order to avoid the meeting with the fans that were located on the front door. Unnecessary to say that went wrong!

While the hundreds of fans of the actor were making a fuss because of the discontent for want happen, on the interior of the room (also), something unexpected was happening. The medium were called to the event, between them was the BRAVO waiting to talk to Taylor and took the habitual photos but were obstructed of doing their work. The organization was a chaos and we went straight home… with empty hands. The only record we could get was of Taylor passage by the Teatriz that was resuming to five minutes with right to take some photos (that you can see on the bottom of the page). “Sometimes feel like a puppet”, Taylor said before leave the room. “I would have enjoyed more the company of my fans and I’m sorry for the press to be so bored with all that happen, but nothing depends of me. There are other people who decide what I have to do and say on these situations”, he refers with a compromised look. The door close behind him and no one else try to tell a thing.  Finally, flop of the trip.


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