Nikki Reed, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Julia Jones reveal ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ details

Bryce Dallas Howard – AP Photo

Bryce Dallas Howard

In tonight’s live chat with Nikki Reed, Julia Jones, and Bryce Dallas Howard, quite a few interesting tidbits about filming for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse were revealed.

The girls, who portray three of the most emotionally unstable characters in the series (respectively “Rosalie,” “Victoria,” and Leah”), answered fan-submitted questions about the film, and here are a few things they revealed.

According to the girls’ talk tonight, Eclipse director David Slade is “so funny.” Julia Jones talked about some moments on-set where she’d look over and wonder what David Slade was doing because it was so erratic and hilarious. They all discussed his knack for details, but they seemed to agree that there was a lot of off-beaten humor about David Slade that was fun to play off of.

Yeah, you read that right. During filming, Nikki Reed revealed, Jackson Rathbone took a punch to the head thanks to his on-screen big brother Kellan Lutz. Apparently, there was a mis-hap with ducking, and Kellan Lutz put Jackson Rathbone in the hospital. Of course, it was a total accident. Ouch.

  • Bryce Dallas Howard wanted “Victoria” to be the same

It’s always interesting to hear how Bryce Dallas Howard approached the situation she found herself in last fall . . . picking up a character role that’d been portrayed (and loved) by another actress. When she was asked about how she approached the role, Howard revealed that it was her goal to achieve continuity as best as possible with the character as it “had been set” in both the film (by Rachelle Lefevre) series and the books.

  • Stunt doubles had impressively similar faces

Apparently, Nikki Reed got a stunt actor confused with Bryce Dallas Howard at one point because of how similar the stunt double looked . . . The reason, they revealed, was that the actors’ faces were made into a mold and mask which the stunt actors then wore. Only the eyes moved, they said, and it was hard to distinguish the actors from the stunt doubles even up close. This, they opined, was so that stunt shots could be taken closer up without the viewer noticing a difference in facial appearances. Pretty smart move, eh?

  • Julia Jones: half-naked, throwing footballs around with boys

Poor Julia. She was one of the few women on-set that spent most of her time with the wolfpack boys and all of their rowdy shenanigans. She revealed that she didn’t get to do a lot of action sequences and that most of her downtime was with the boys throwing footballs around. She also revealed that, while her character (unlike her fellow wolves) wore a shirt, she was still half-naked in the rain a lot and that it was very cold.

  • Training, training, training

One thing that the girls talked about, and which we’ve heard a lot about in the process of interviews about the film to date, was the fight training. Nikki Reed revealed that there were room-sized treadmills that they had to run on so as to be able to run in all different directions at varying times. She also said that not only was there fight training (which could last up to six hours, in some cases), but there was also personal training. From the sounds of the fitness regimen issued these castmembers for Eclipse, the vampires got a taste of what the wolves had been going through for quite a while.

In all, a great interview with three lovely ladies. They laughed, seemed cheery, and were all very optimistic and positive about the film.

Source : Twilight Examiner


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