New ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ trailer quotes versus the book

‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ trailer screencap

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer screencap

When the first trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was revealed, I did a side-by-side comparison of the quotes offered in the trailer versus those found in Stephenie Meyer’s book.

You all seemed to enjoy it, and we found then that a lot of the words chosen for the film were very similar to those used in the book version of the story.

The same is true for today’s new, final trailer for the film, and after looking at the trailer quotes next to those of the book, I think you’ll agree.

Trailer: “Jacob what are you doing?” Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan.
Book: There was no direct quote from Bella like this because Edward is the first to address Jacob, but her first words to Jacob in this scene were as follows: “What are you talking about?” Bella Swan, Page 78.

Trailer: “I’m here to warn you,” Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black.
Book: Edward intiates the “warning” talk by saying, “I already know what you came to say. Message delivered. Consider us warned.” Edward Cullen, Page 78. Then, Jacob says “You didn’t tell her? What, were you afraid she’d take our side?” Jacob Black, Page 78.

Trailer: “You should just leave . . . now,” Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen.
Book: “Leave now,” Edward Cullen, Page 79.

Trailer: “She has a right to know,” Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black.
Book: “You don’t think Bella has a right to know? It’s her life,” Jacob Black, Page 80.

Trailer: “What?” Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan.
Book: “What don’t I know? Edward?” Bella Swan, Page 78.

Trailer: “We’ve been tracking the situation in Seattle for a while. Unexplained disappearances, killings . . .” Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen.
Book: “We’ve been monitoring the situation for a few weeks. All the signs are there – the unlikely disappearances, always in the night, the poorly disposed of corpses, the lack of other evidence . . .” Edward Cullen, Page 26.

Trailer: “Someone’s creating an army,” Peter Facinelli as Carlisle Cullen.
Book: In the book, it is Jasper who introduces the concept of a newborn army. “I’ve seen this before, and there’s no other explanation. There is an army of newborn vampires in Seattle,” Jasper Hale, Page 303.

Trailer: “An army of vampires?” Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan.
Book: There doesn’t seem to be a direct counterpart to this quote, but it does resemble one quote by Alice during these moments. “An army. Why didn’t you tell me?” Alice Cullen, page 302.

Trailer: “They’re coming here,” Ashley Greene as Alice.
Book: In the book, Alice says “The decision’s been made” on Page 378, and Bella is the one to say “They’re coming here” on the same page.

Trailer: “This means an ugly fight with lives lost,” Peter Facinelli as Carlisle Cullen.
Book: This is more of an interpretation than a direct quote translation. Here’s a passage it is reflective of. “‘We’ll need you to teach us, Jasper,’ Carlisle finally said. ‘How to destory them.’ Carlisle’s jaw was hard, but I could see the pain in his eyes as he said the words. No one hated violence more than Carlisle,” Page 306.

Trailer: “We’re in . . . as long as we get to kill some vampires,” Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black.
Book: “It won’t be even [. . .] It won’t be easy for us. Still, this is our job more than yours,” Jacob Black, Page 380. “Don’t be ridiculous, Bells. You’re giving me a much better gift than the one I gave you,” Page 382. Also, here’s another passage that echos the sentiment of this quote: “‘Fighting with vampires instead of against them!’ Jacob mirrored Edward’s tone of disgust. ‘Well, you still get to fight against some of them,’ Edward said. Jacob smiled. ‘That’s the reason we’re here,'” Page 409.

The final quotes in the trailer are between the Volturi, with someone saying “It’s time,” and Dakota Fanning as Jane saying, “Yes it is.” The Volturi viewpoint during the story was not previewed to the reader, so there aren’t any direct quotes from the book that mirror this, but the phrases do mimic those used by the characters in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, so there’s not any issues with continuity.

As you can see above, it seems that the dialogue in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is quite reflective, so far, of the book’s language. If the whole script pulls this narrowly from the text, it should be one heck of a Twilight film!

Source : Twilight Examiner


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