Robert Pattinson’s “Remember Me” Reviewed by VG (Norway)


VG’s review of Remember Me (4 out of 6 on the dice)

Review by Øystein David Johansen

Translation by Maryann Bjordal

”Angry young man”

Robert Pattinson as a young, sweaty and angry New Yorker is so far much better than an anemic vampire hero with high hair, but he cannot escape the difficult love.

In ”Remember Me” he combines anger and vulnerability in a way that will impress far more than the teenage girls that has been following him since the ”Twilight” phenomenon hit the big time. Pattinson captures the essence of ”a drifty young man” with bravura, in a movie that moves between the border of the shamelessly melodramatic and the tiresome pretentiousness.

He portrays Tyler, a son of a rich man with a tendency to get into trouble, of a family on the brink of collapse after the oldest son’s suicide. A silly bet with his roommate Aidan leads him to Ally – from the opposite side of the social specter, but she also has deep wounds in her soul after her mother being killed ten years ago. Will two daddy complexes be healed and will the young disillusioned find their spark of life together?

This twist of the ”When Harry Met Sally” bet is an intrigue tried out many times before – in far less vain varieties (”She’s All That” in 1999 is one example). ”Remember Me tries partially too hard to distance itself from these with Ghandi quotes via voice-over and dialogue that is so clever it has got to be written. Other times – like when Ally is brought along to one of New York’s most snobby restaurants for the first time – the observations are more elegant and subtle.

Both the family drama and does work anyways when the vanity is toned down – and slowly but surely we start to care about what happens with these characters. Why is a pompous end point of enormous patriotic dimensions added is totally incomprehensible. It still doesn’t matter to destroy the impression of a solid youth drama – mostly for those of you who laughs at regular ”Romcoms”.


Big thanks to MaryAnn for translating this for us!

Source : Robstenation


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