Kristen’s Style: Glam or Sham?

Kristen was unforgettable in Harper’s Bazaar, December 2009

Is Kristen Stewart really one of the most fashionable celebrities in Hollywood, or does she simply surrender when the stylists descend? Though Teen Vogue recently named her one of March’s 10 best-dressed, when we catch her in candids, she’s hardly dressed to the nines.

I get it–every celeb glams it up for the red carpet–and if you’re as famous as Kristen Stewart, dodging fans and papparazi might require some strategic dressing down. But are black hoodies, concert tees and chucks just an invisibility cloak, or is that look Kristen’s true style?

It’s hard to tell, and tempting to hope that some part of Kstew loves the glam. In the two years since her rise to international fame, her appearances in countless high fashion photo shoots have been nothing short of stunning. She was unforgettable in the December 2008 Vanity Fair, and again in the December 2009 Harper’s Bazaar. Yet, for every breathtaking print from a photo shoot, there are two candids showing a different girl.

Recent photos taken during Kristen’s brief appearance at the Lacoste pool party at Coachella are the latest to set the ‘net ablaze. The fan reaction was strong, with many commending Kstew for “staying true to who she is” and daring to dress down. Others were less forgiving, nitpicking over everything from her tucked up hair, to her one-sleeve-up, one-sleeve-down look, to comparing her to other stars who—though they were all dressed down at the casual affair—still managed to pull it together.

But, here are some pics no one is complaining about: her spread in the current issue of Flaunt Magazine. Its high fashion aspect gives mainstream appeal while integrating elements of Kristen’s darker real life persona.
gossip_dance/ Hollywoodnews

Def G-L-A-M all the way!  She looks fab in anything, even in London hobo fashion. Or LA gangsta glam. lol

Source : Robstenation


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