Pics of Kristen at Coachella Music Fest- Lacoste Pool Party

Kristen Stewart
Fresh off rocking her role as Joan Jett in The Runaways, the Twilight star pauses to pose at the Lacoste pool party.

E!onLine and kstewartfans

Smiley Kristen is rockin’! She had fun with her brother and some friends. Only stayed for 30 minutes at the Lacoste event.

Find the HQs at Kstewartfans Thank God for hi-res pics, I noticed that she is wearing Lacoste shades ( def a freebie, she brought her yellow Ray-Ban), Kristen has a scratch on her right forearm, and a stitching on her shirt’s right shoulder. Looks like Rob’s mending skills in reference to the Stoli shirt- lol

Source : Robstenation


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