‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ re-shoots?

‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ – Summit Ent.

If nothing else, the story of filming for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has sure been interesting.

The latest is a report by Vancouver’s resident Lainey Gossip who states that re-shoots for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse are to begin in British Columbia very shortly.

She states that the scenes in question are the meadow sequences and a few fight moments. The hold-up on determining when/how to re-shoot, the report continues, was with Robert Pattinson‘s schedule (because as you know he’s been filming Bel Ami in Europe over the past few weeks, etc.) but that they’ve worked that portion of the issue out.

Lainey goes on to state that there are more than scheduling conflicts at play in this arrangement and that whether director David Slade should helm the re-shoots was and is up in the air. Alternates considered, she suggests, were and are Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke and The Twilight Saga: New Moon director Chris Weitz.

You can read more at her site.

As Twilight Lexicon points out, re-shoots are something fans of this franchise should be well familiar with as a couple of scenes in Twilight were re-done after the fact.

As for any of the other points made here, it’s hard to speak to their truth. There’s always some sort of dramatic tension on film sets, even the most friendly of them all. Whether disagreements or split opinions have led to a consideration of director change for post-production re-shoots . . . I don’t know. Maybe.

We’ll have to wait for an official statement on the issue from Summit or David Slade to know the truth. For now, don’t panic. If I hear anything more on this, I’ll update the post.

UPDATE: See this article for further, new information on this issue.

Source : Twilight Examiner


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