Kristen Stewart in Budapest: Walking next to Robert Pattinson (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were together over the weekend and finally were officially spotted by several news medias. The blurry video now has photographs to confirm that the couple was in the airport. It appears that the video was Robert Pattinson along with Kristen Stewart right behind hims.

CLICK HERE for Robert Pattinson photos in Budapest

Kristen’s birthday was on Friday and there was serious speculation that the couple would be hanging out together in Budapest. Rumors were running wild until about 40 minutes ago when JaredJr confirmed with exclusive photos that the two were in Hungry together. The two were in the same area of the video and they were also walking in the same manner.

So much for coincidences right? Now that the weekend is over and the entire ‘Twilight’ fan base knows the couple is in Budapest, it is probably time for everyone to get back to work. Of course if you missed any of this, check out the video below and take a peek at the Robert Pattinson photos.

CLICK HERE for Robert Pattinson photos in Budapest

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