Robert Pattinson: “Os jovens querem ter tudo e já” (“The Teenagers want it all now “)

Read the Translation of interview that was made by Expresso a Portuguese newspaper

Robert Pattinson, the vampire from “Twilight “, its back, on the movie Remember Me”.

And when Hollywood needed one of those male figures that offer a love to die and cry for more, the guy who presented this was Robert Pattinson. English, shy, vampire Edward to the more obsessed friends, cheeks red and a white skin (under the cap is the secret) all blended harmoniously in a gorgeous face, not so long ago, was discovered by visual advertising industry. It’s not a rumor: his hair is really sick and modeled on the wavy manes that, for many centuries, in the mists of the North, crowned all the princes of the Danish legends.

Pattinson, a young man from London who just stopped being a teenager for five minutes, now reappears to prove that is dramatically ambitious worker – and more than a tiny part in the tsunami “Twilight” (“Twilight”).

The film that brings him back is called “Remember Me”. It is the most serious with veteran actors .This time, appears as a New Yorker named Tyler, at odds with life and with countercurves of high school love.

It was not easy for Robert Pattinson to work in Manhattan, so many were the clusters of girls screaming when he had to do an outdoor scene. The very Emilie de Ravin, the Australian actress who acts with him, confessed she hadn’t the idea that there were so many women on Earth.

He is completing the filming of his new movie, “Bel Ami”, based on a classic! Guy de Maupassant today, Stephanie Meyer vampire of tomorrow … What a career!. Tell me about “Bel Ami” and the experience with one of the classics of literature. The opposite of “Remember Me”. At least It’s that my impression. I’ve never done a character like that.  Totally amoral. It’s in that sense that is why I say that the character created by Maupassant and this one I do in “Remember Me” are polar opposites. The mentality is different. The only thing that Tyler’s “Remember Me” and George’s “Bel Ami” have in common is that both do not have special wishes. It is this vacuum that keeps them moving. But George has a great jealousy of the happiness of others. Tyler does not even feel it. Moreover, this is exactly what most rages him.

Your characters, vampire or not, have always feel lost. In his personal case, I think it’s the opposite: Your choices make you believe on a great curiosity. Bet you never feel lethargic …

There are similarities between my attitude and Tyler in “Remember Me”. Not that he’s lost. He is looking. Lost are those who are so caught up in their routine, on the idea of easy safety, they forgot to live. He has not. In that sense, I’m a little like that. I think the day can be a little more completed. There is always something that I enjoy, win. I think it’s possible to go deeper and deeper if we want to know the reality.

How was going to dinner at a restaurant with someone of category as Pierce Brosnan as 007? Must have been a surprise. It was a great dinner. There was always someone to look askance at our table and try to hear what we were saying. He is far more recognizable than me. One thing he did was, whenever someone looks at him he would go to that person, greets her, presented himself and ask how was going the evening. Thereafter no one dared to bother him because he had ceased to be merely a kind of circus attraction. Always works. And people return home happy, with stories of a conversation they had with Pierce, his good manners, he was nice. That’s what people want. To have a story to tell. I learned this from him. I watch

him to see how it’s done with great style.

What have you learned from fame? Do not you think that there are already too many people want to be a superstar? I understand that is that way. Fame is the pinnacle of artistic respect because, it’s precisely, born of the popular will. The election is never done by nepotism. Anyone can get there, reach a certain degree of fame and, therefore, receive favors from everyone. That would be the first point. Second: I think young people want more and more, all done at once. Want to succeed now because, apparently, being young is the only point of our lives in which they can succeed. I think global madness has something to do with it. There are many young people who realized they did not have to work up to 75 years just to receive, once a month, the government food aid in the form of a check. Young people want everything now. Being a famous artist is still the fastest way to accomplish this.

Read gossip magazines? No. Never interested me. No one can survive  such close scrutiny.

We are not that interesting when watched so close. In the cinema is a good idea to keep

some of the mysticism.

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Source : Site Expresso


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