Eclipse Book Recap: Chapter 2 “Evasion”

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t watch if you haven’t read the books.

Chapter 2 “Evasion”

It opens with Bella walking at school, unable to really feel free and optimistic like her other soon-to-be-graduated senior classmates. Instead, she just felt almost sick when she thought of graduating.

Then, after meeting Alice, Edward and Angela in the lunchroom, of course a conversation about graduation announcements sparks up. Alice says she’s already done and Bella says that they’re pointless for her to do since Renee already knows when she’s graduation, but Angela complains that she has tons to do! Bella quickly offers to help, since she knows it will make Charlie happy …

Pop Quiz:
We know that Charlie is a fan of Jakes, but here’s what we’re wondering. Is he only a fan of Jacob because he’s anyone other than Edward, or does he have a certain trait that you think Charlie really likes? Give us your answers right here.


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