Eclipse Book Recap: Chapter 1 “Ultimatum”

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t watch if you haven’t read the books.

Chapter 1 “Ultimatum”

The third book starts with Bella reading a note from Jacob, explaining how they just can’t be friends because she’s close with his mortal enemy, the vampires. Not the kind of note anyone wants to get. She’s surprised at how incredibly hurt she is knowing that she caused Jacob pain. Bella runs downstairs just in time to catch Charlie attempting to cook aka have a “talk” with her. Gotta love those serious chats with the parents, right? …

Pop Quiz:

if Bella is so incredibly in love with Edward and they’ve pledged forever to each other, why does she have such a difficult time saying goodbye to Jacob? Shouldn’t it be easier for her now that Edward is back and ready to be her lover for eternity? Leave a comment below.


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