Does Robert Pattinson have mental health problems?

It appears that Robert Pattinson may be struggling with his “mental health” these days, according to a new interview with the actor covered on CMR.

What’s the cause of the mental turmoil experienced by the Twilight hunk, you ask? By his own admission, the problem is rooted in his unprecedented fame and popularity.

“Being well known is a real burden,” Robert Pattinson is quoted as saying. “I’m less open and have noticed that I’m actually getting paranoid. If people push themselves on me I find it grueling and repulsive.”

The report raises the possibility of Robert Pattinson experiencing a rise to fame too quickly, a situation that never allowed the actor to grow into his role as the biggest heartthrob of his generation.

“It’s all been given so easily. What did I do to deserve this adulation? I am convinced I need to work at least 10 full years to actually earn the status I’m apparently being given.”

The war taking place within Robert Pattinson‘s mind – that is, the opposing forces both welcoming and rejecting fame simultaneously – has clearly taken its toll on the actor.

“If I even think someone wants to approach me I feel the need to scream, ‘What do you want of me.’ Then later I think, ‘What if this person only wanted to be nice?’”

Is this a case for Dr. Phil or just another exaggerated story to keep Robert Pattinson‘s name in the headlines?

Source : Entertainment Examiner


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