Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: when will the speculations stop?

As the release date of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is nearing the speculation of the actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart being a couple is notching up a bit further. The media and the tabloids cannot get enough of the, and even a mere friendly touch or holding hands and kisses are now being blown out of proportion and are termed as these new love birds cannot seem to be apart from each other.

But people here is a news flash, these two young actors happen to be working together. From the time they have become famous they have been working together and they will be continuing to do so since the Summit Entertainment is planning on two part finale of the Twilight series, Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Their Twilight films also takes them together for promoting so spotting them together at pubs or some social places shouldn’t be uncommon.

These two are just young people, who like any regular person can hang out and have fun, even kiss each other for fun. But for these speculations one cannot deny the publicity that their films garner. One can only hope that people stop spreading such rumours like the couple are searching for a house together, or Robert is not interested in settling down with Kristen. These two actors have quite a long way to go, give them the space to breath, even they are afraid of being judged if Kristen’s recent interview is anything to go by.

Source : entertainment and showbiz


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